Thursday, February 02, 2012

Christmas 2011 Part 2 AND 3

 Yes, it's February and I am just finishing blogging about Christmas. I haven't been able to keep up very well (obviously!), but I couldn't not talk about our celebrating Christmas 2 more times after the actual holiday! That's how we roll...we like to draggggg it out and savor every moment...

We spent New Years Eve in Mulberry with Chris' dad and his brother's family. The day was full of playing basketball, watching football on tv, eating lots of food, the kids getting fun gifts, and I even got to go to a movie with Kerri and Alyssa. (that's exciting these days)  Harper got her first Holiday Barbie from Paw Paw (a yearly tradition for his granddaughters). She wanted it out of the box as soon as she saw it! Owen of course got lots of tractors and trucks, and Ethan a ton of superhero stuff.

The next week, Grandma Debbie and Lynn came to celebrate Christmas Part 3. We had fun hanging out with them on Friday night and showing them the new places to eat in the square and the newly renovated Walton 5 & Dime. Sunday the other Hoyles came and we ate lunch, watched the kids play with all their toys, and then hit the ice skating rink. Ethan got it his long-awaited Wolverine costume from Grandma, while Harper got her first real baby doll (whom she tried to eat her face off), and Owen got a tractor. (That kid hasn't gotten off of it since!)

Christmas 2011 was pretty wonderful! We're so thankful for all the fun memories with our family.

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