Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ethan David decided to suprise us last week by coming three and half weeks early (he didn't get the memo that we were going the full 40 weeks...). My water broke Sunday night around 11:45, we got to the hospital around 4:00, and about 5:45 Ethan joined us. He actually came so quickly that the doctor didn't even make it. It all happened so fast that it took about 48 hours for everything to set in for Chris and me. Everything is going well so far. Ethan has been such a good baby and I am starting to get used to operating on sleeping for two hours at a time!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Week #37

Where we are this week:
Babies come to term anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks--your 40-week due date simply marks the midpoint of this period. By the end of this week, your little one will be officially "on time" whenever he makes her entry into the world.

It's hard to believe we're getting so close! Reality set in when one of my friends, due a day before us, had her baby two days ago. Hello!!! This weekend we're going to try and get the nursery as finished as possible. (For anyone having a baby, I can't stress enough ordering a crib EARLY. We ordered ours three months ago only to find out that it's back ordered again till the end of March-1st of April!!!) We'll figure something out... More than anything, I think we're trying to get mentally prepared for the new change that is about to take place in our lives. (not that you can really prepare for that sort of thing...) It's been really hard for me to imagine having my life revolve around a little baby. On another blog (http://theologica.blogspot.com/), Chris found a quote from Martin Luther that was very challenging to me...

Now observe that when that clever harlot, our natural reason . . . , takes a look at married life, she turns up her nose and says, “Alas, must I rock the baby, wash its diapers, make its bed, smell its stench, stay up nights with it, take care of it when it cries, heal its rashes and sores. . . ?” [LW 45:39]

What then does Christian faith say to this? It opens its eyes, looks upon all these insignificant, distasteful, and despised duties in the Spirit, and is aware that they are all adorned with divine approval as with the costliest gold and jewels. It says, O God, because I am certain that thou hast created me as a man and hast from my body begotten this child, I also know for a certainty that it meets with thy perfect pleasure. I confess to thee that I am not worthy to rock the little babe or wash its diapers, or to be entrusted with the care of the child and its mother. How is it that I, without any merit, have come to this distinction of being certain that I am serving thy creature and thy most precious will? O how gladly will I do so, though the duties should be even more insignificant and despised. Neither frost nor heat, neither drudgery nor labor, will distress or dissuade me, for I am certain that it is thus pleasing in thy sight. . . . God, with all his angels and creatures is smiling—not because the father is washing diapers, but because he is doing so in Christian faith.[LW 45:39-40]

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Holidays

Christmas and New Years was wonderful this year. We spent Christmas with Chris' family and New Years with mine. Between all the families, we were able to celebrate Christmas a total of four different times...that's taking full advantage of the holiday! While we enjoyed every minute of this year, it was hard not to think about how different things will be next year... We'll have a 10 month old in tow and we won't be "the kids" anymore. We'll have two little ones at my parent's house, and the video camera that used to be so intent on catching moment of us, will be much more focused on the grandkids! (as it should be) We've even started talking about what traditions we want to start with our immediate family. Crazy - I guess I am a grown up afterall!