Sunday, April 27, 2014


We've been blessed with some pretty fantastic friends. As I look through random pictures I've taken through each month, I am reminded of that.

And speaking of friends, I was lucky enough to run my first ever 5K with these two lovely ladies. It was very cool to be able to run with them in support of all the women who have fought breast cancer. Thoughts of those brave women, like my mother in law, kept flashing through my head that morning. It was a great experience, and dare I say I might run another race in the future?!?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Owen's First Job

Owen is our "hard worker". Even at the age of 2 he would want to be outside doing some project with Chris. He's always preferred toys with a purpose...lawn mowers, weed eaters, etc. For Christmas we decided to get him a real leaf blower, and that things has been used quite a bit! He was hired by some friends of ours to come blow out the leaves from under their deck, and I think his chest swelled a little bit as he walked to their house with his leaf blower in hand! When he came back with the money he earned, he was so excited to put it in his piggy bank. We always joke that he's going to be the kid that starts his own lawn mowing business at 12...hopefully this is the beginning of that!