Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sitting Up

It's getting exciting around here as the E-Train is starting to sit up on his own. He's still pretty top-heavy, but he seems to get stronger and stronger every day. We're finally putting the boppy to good use as it cushions his crashes...

Friday, June 22, 2007

The "Big" Cousins

We headed South last weekend to hang out with Chris' family for Father's Day. Ethan was able to hang out with his big cousins, aunt, uncle, Granny and his grandpa. I think Ethan enjoyed being the center of attention and having his every need catered to. (wait, he gets that all the time..) Papa David, the brave man, even watched his four grandkids while we went out to dinner and a movie with Chris' brother and his wife. Of course Papa David did a great job, but I am thinking if we add a few more kiddos into the mix one of these years he may have met his match...

5 Months Old...

Things are getting fun around here. Ethan's personality is starting to show more and more, which has been so fun to watch. He's pretty "chatty" - babbling with anyone who will pay attention to him.. He must get from his Dad. :) His new trick of rolling over has dominated most of his time (sleeping and awake). His 11 hour stretches of sleep at night have been interrupted with him waking up on his stomach, in the corner of his crib unsure of what to do. Some yelling to wake mom seems to do the trick. He's also started to giggle when being tickled - I think it's the sweetest sound I have ever heard.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rolling Over

(my youngest brother told me that I sound like I am talking about a dog...) But, nope, I am talking about my favorite kiddo - he's learned how to roll over recently and it's his new favorite trick. He loves it so much that that's all he wants to do. I can't nurse him (unless he's super tired) b/c he's tries to roll out of my arms. The only way we've found that he will eat is if we put him on the floor and let him get in a semi-rolling position. His singe-mindedness is already making life interesting...I can't imagine what the future holds!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Jackster & E-Train

We got to see Jack and Katie briefly on Friday. It was fun watching the boys start to actually notice each other - even if it means Jack poking Ethan's eye out. They're 7 months apart, which right now seems like a huge difference. But in a year or two Ethan will be able to keep up. Right now they're working on their "friar tuck" hair-dos.

Grandma V

Grandma V came into town this week to visit. Ethan loved getting to spend some time with her. In between the "O-S-U" chant and "Ride 'em Cowboys" (sorry Hoyle family!), they played patty cake.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Snug as a Bug

Every morning, right before nap time, Ethan helps me make up my bed. (Well, he lays there and drools while I make the bed.) This morning I propped him up on our pillow and he "chatted" while I tracked down all of our other pillows. He looked like a little man waiting for his breakfast in bed. It's really getting a lot of fun as his personality starts to show...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sleeping Baby

There is something so sweet and innocent about a sleeping baby. It continually amazes me how easily Ethan can fall asleep and in the strangest positions and places. Regardless of where we are, I can't help but stop and watch him sleep for just a little bit (and, of course, snap a few pictures!).

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Marley Farley

We gave our sweet kitty cat up for adoption today. (well, he's generally sweet) Ever since Ethan's arrival, poor Marley has been quite resentful of his new, "backseat" position. We thought that things would get better, but he only grew grouchier. Our dear friends, the Hartmans, offered to have him join their family as they moved back home to NC. So we took them up on the offer. They will be a great new family for the black fur ball. As I lovingly petted Marley good-bye this morning, he looked into eyes, meowed and then bit my hand. Enjoy North Carolina, Marley.