Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Parade

We went to the Downtown Bentonville Christmas parade a few weeks ago with Ethan's friends, Xander and Chaucer. Ethan enjoyed watching all the people walk by. He enjoyed the candy they threw at him even more. He didn't end up falling asleep for a nap that day thanks to all that candy...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Empty Nursery

(this picture has nothing to do with this entry - I just thought it was funny)

Last night Ethan slept in his new room complete with a "big boy" bed. We'd tried naps a few times in there this past week, but I think the new place was too exciting and he never actually made it to sleep. So, we decided to move him in there for the night so maybe he'd realize you could sleep in there. He did great - till 5:30 this morning. I think he woke up, saw all the sports balls on the wall, and was ready to get his day started. I am now second guessing my sports theme decorating idea... It was a little bitter sweet when I walked by the empty nursery. I know it's not going to be empty for long, but it's crazy how milestones just seem to keep flying by.

Friday, December 12, 2008

"Potty Training"

For the past month or so, Ethan has been asking to go potty almost once a day. I certainly wasn't expecting him to be ready to potty train so early. The way we even realized he was ready was pretty funny...we had a family friend over that took Ethan potty after Ethan asked him to. He didn't realize that Ethan had never actually gone potty! So, finally after our trip to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, and he had gone several times a day, I decided it was time to officially start the process. We got him a cool toilet seat and I was getting ready to make the purchase of "big boy underwear". Two weeks ago was our first day of training...and he has yet to go in the toilet since then. Seriously. I should have known that as soon as I decided it was time, he'd change his mind! So much for the dream of only one kid in diapers.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family this year in Oklahoma. Ethan had a blast with his cousins, grandparents, and uncles/aunts. So much so, that it took several days of being back home to reprogram him to be used to playing by himself! Uncle Jon took the boys on a "tractor" ride, which Ethan is still talking about. And Jack and Ethan really seemed to enjoy playing with each other - especially jumping in the crib and playing with the noise maker Ethan sleeps with. Who needs toys?! Claire is growing like crazy and is scooting all over the place. (the picture of Ethan, Jack and the bear crack me son wakes up about like I do...not quickly...)
One of the perks of Mimi's and Papi's is the basketball goal Papi lower for Ethan. Every moment that we'd let him, he was outside "shooting". Of course a little help from Papi always made it better.Ethan did a great job on the car ride both ways. We brought a whole box of books for him to read and between that, drawing and sunglasses, he was a happy camper.

Monday, December 08, 2008


We're really blessed to have a group of buddies to play with. With 6 boys and one little girl, it's pretty crazy when we all get together. Right now it seems like there are light years of difference between the oldest and the youngest member of the group, but we realized last time we were all together that in about 3 years it won't make any difference at all. I think all the moms are looking forward to the years ahead when we can send the whole group outside to play and we can actually carry on a whole conversation. We're going to get there eventually, right?!?!