Monday, April 23, 2007

3 Months

It's been a fun month as Ethan has more than doubled what he weighed when he was born and has changed like crazy. He's aquired several new talents - one being that he has started sleeping 8-9 hours straight at night. I've hardly known what do with that much consecutive sleep! He finally figured out how to get his hand to his mouth (his poor face has taken a nice beating in the process), and two days ago he mastered sucking on his thumb. He's so fond of the thumb that he's been trying to sneak it in while eating. We have to fight to keep it out of his mouth! And my favorite new talent has been him smiling at me...does it get any better than that?!?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's official...

Josh proposed to Caylee when she met in Ireland last week, and she said yes! We're super excited to have such a godly, fun, passionate woman join our family. I have never seen my little brother glow like he does when he's around her. It's only fitting he marries someone that has a name that starts with a "C" - we have 12 "C" and "K" names in our family!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Weekend

We went to Oklahoma this weekend to celebrate Easter with my family. Chris' mom came in town for the evening to see Ethan too. He was so excited to see her that he fell asleep on her and then managed to pee all over her. He also throws up on my dad everytime he sees him...I guess bodily fluids is his love language. Jon, Katie and Jack spent Friday night with us. I think Ethan and Jack really hit it off...they're even dressing alike.