Saturday, February 18, 2006

We made it!

We made it to Russia in one piece! We arrived yesterday afternoon in Moscow with no complications. They lost our bags but ended up delivering them sometime early this morning. We were able to get a full nights rest, so the jet lag hasn't been too bad. Today we're going to a Russian church service and then to a honey festival (I am not really sure what that entails). The weather is beautiful here...lots of snow but sunny and in the 20s. I can definitely handle that! I will try to keep you all posted as I have internet connection...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Russia, here we come!

We're leaving tomorrow morning for Russia. Most people go to the beach or somewhere warm, but who wants to be "normal", right?! It's really snuck up on me b/c we've been so busy with work and life in general. I was able to get most of our packing done last night, so tonight we can focus on making sure we have everything. Luckily, the weather there has warmed (warm being relative, of course), so I won't have to pack TOO many sweaters. I have been told that January had record breaking cold weather. I am SO thankful that it's February!!!

We are leaving tomorrow morning and should arrive in Moscow 17 hours and 1,264 miles later. Our friends will be picking us up at the airport and we'll be staying with them for three days or so. (I have been told that you never really plan anything just go with the flow) We'll then fly to Samara, where Chris lived for his two years there. I am excited to meet the students he worked with as well as see where he lived. We'll be there for a couple of days and then begin our trip back home.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Our community group had the chance to serve dinner at a women's shelter for Valentines Day. It was such a blessing for me to be able to love on some women that hadn't really seen a lot of love in their lives. Not only were we able to love on them, but we were also able to hang out with everyone in our community group. What a fun bunch of people...

Early Valentines Celebration

My favorite husband surprised me with an early Valetines surprise this past weekend. He and Caleb planned a day-long scavenger hunt for Amanda and me. Our day started with notes explaining that our day would begin by getting a massage and that we'd have further instructions after that. After Amanda was dropped off at my house, we went to a salon nearby and received an hour long massage. (they can't seem to not get your hair all greasy - hence the picture)

After the massage, and all the women in the salon ooh-ing and aahh-ing about what sweet husbands we had, we were told to go to Kennedy Coffee. There we had to tell the employee behind the counter that we needed an envelope pertaining to "Operation Sweet Husband". (yes, rather corny) There was money for coffee and instructions to go to Fayetteville. After a few more stops, lunch at a Greek restaurant, and a little bit of shopping, we ended up back at my house to watch "Cinderella Man". (I guess it's a good movie about supporting your husband?) After the movie we met our men for dinner. They were waiting in front of the restaurant with flowers. Yep, I think I will keep him.


So, with two weeks of 20/20 vision, I feel like I can write and say that Lasik surgery is the most amazing thing ever. I had a check up with the doctor last week and he said that I had perfect vision. I have never heard those words before in my life. I have to laugh at myself though - I still reach up to take my glasses off when I go to bed. I also forget that taking the contacts out is no longer part of my nightly routine. I am sure that I will get used to it one of these days!