Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Ethan got to go trick-or-treating three different times this year. The first time out, I forgot to clarify that you don't actually go into the house after ringing the door bell and saying "trick or treat!". He ended up in three different people's homes...ready to chat it up with them. He received WAY too much candy, but I have been helping him out with it...

Sunday, November 08, 2009


I was going through our Halloween pictures, and I had to compare the boys both wearing the same costumes at roughly the same age. I don't think they look anything alike. They both wear their food on their face quite nicely, though. Apparently I need to do a better job of wiping them off after dinner...


Last week we spent in Stillwater with my family while Chris was out of town. The boys and I had a blast hanging out with Mimi and Papi. Katie, Jon, Jack and Claire even came for a day to play. Jack and Ethan spent the afternoon fighting the "bad guys", while Claire and Owen were in their own little world. My mom took the Jack and Ethan to pick out some fun pajamas while we were there, and they were both VERY excited about them. The time together really made me excited about Christmas...

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Ethan likes picking out his pajamas. I like to encourage his independence and creativity. But for some reason, mismatched pjs really drive me bonkers. I have had to let it go though, because I decided it's really not a battle worth fighting. Here is one fun set he put together. It's a wonder he can sleep with these on!

Owen's nightly ritual before he gets his (matching) pajamas on is sitting in his favorite chair. It must be hard work sitting in the chair because his tongue sticks out the whole time like he's concentrating or something. I took about 15 pictures and there wasn't one without his tongue out!