Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catching up...

I've had a hard time keeping up with the fun events in our world lately. I've lost my camera, but I finally got all the pictures off of my phone and onto my computer. The kids are doing great. It feels like we're starting to get into the groove of things somewhat. The boys still adore their sister, and I am still saying "GENTLE" about a million times a day. She gets this look on her face like she's bracing herself for some pummeling whenever they get close.
A splash park that is about a half a mile from our house opened up two weeks ago, and I am pretty sure it's going to be my favorite place to go to this summer. Water and no fear of drowning. Sign me up! The boys have loved it so far, and I am still finding it very entertaining watching them get sprayed in the face and then squeal in delight.
Grandma Debbie came into town last weekend to watch the kids while Chris and I went to The Heart Gala. While she was here, we enjoyed taking her out for a belated Mother's Day breakfast, and the boys tried to steal every minute of playing with her that they could. Harper also got some good bonding time with Grandma as she waited up for me to come home that night and feed her! (we've got to work on taking a bottle)
It's been really fun watching the boys become friends lately. They most definitely have their moments, but overall they've really seemed to enjoy playing together as we've been at home more than usual. They love pretending to be the Kratt Brothers (characters from a PBS show) and becoming different animals. They've recently been setting up campsites all over the house, complete with "food" and tents. We found them a few mornings ago out of their beds (before they were supposed to be), hiding behind their curtains, "camping" together. It was pretty hard to get on to them because they were so cute together! I pray they continue to be friends as they grow up...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

2 Months Old

My little girl turned two months old this weekend. It's gotten to the point where I can't remember life without her around. She's continued to be the best baby ever. In fact she slept from 8:00 to 4:30 this morning for me, and I had to give her a big 'ole kiss for that. Last week she started smiling - one of my favorite milestones. We still have to work at earning it a little, but the work is definitely is worth it! She's working at getting her hands into her looks more like she's punching herself in the face! And this past weekend she was left with her first baby sitter. Chris and I had a "gala/event" to go to, so we called in Grandma Debbie to watch the kids. (I'm still not ready for just anyone to watch my baby girl!) Harper did great, but she didn't take a bottle...she is not a fan. We may need to start working on that...

Monday, May 02, 2011

A Good Weekend

We had a fun and full weekend this past weekend. It started out on Friday afternoon with a Family Day at Chris' work. The boys had a blast eating cotton candy, hot dogs, and candy, as well as playing basketball and jumping in a jump house. They know how to do it right over at Kraft. Saturday morning was the Race for the Cure. Chris' mom is a breast cancer survivor, so we all wanted to support the cause. I had to go early to meet some friends, and Chris, being the super dad that he is, managed to get out the door with all three kids and to the race by 7:30 that morning. Yes, he is amazing! The turn out was incredible, and it was so fun walking with family and friends. The rest of the day was beautiful, and the boys spent pretty much all of it outside mowing, weed-eating and playing with the neighbors. I was able to get dinner that night with some friends, and then Sunday was spent catching up on sleep.
Harper joined in on most of the festivities. She got a great nap while Chris wore her for the walk! I am so thankful for how easy she has been. She had her 6 week check up this past week, and she's up to 10 pounds (mostly in her cheeks!).