Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am such a sucker.

In the midst of our chaotic last few weeks, for some reason I decided we needed to add a new pet to the mix. Adjusting to a new place has been a little harder on Ethan than I had expected, and it was making me so sad to see him stand at our back door looking for the kittens from our old house. We had met Oscar the "tattie" a few weeks earlier at a friend's, and last week she called saying he was ready for adoption. So, we immediately headed to her house and Oscar has been with us for the last week. His status as an indoor pet is still undecided, but the litter box is almost worth it when I see Ethan getting such joy out of carrying that poor cat around wherever he goes.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Last week we finally moved into the house that we'd been wanting for the past six months! It's been a complete roller coaster, but the Lord gave us this house in his perfect timing. I think I would have been a little more sentimental over our last house if the closing on it hadn't been so dragged out, but we still told our first house good bye the best way we could. The morning started out early with Ethan telling the baby kittens (he calls them "tatties") good bye. He stayed with one of my friends while Chris and I went to the closing. We met the lady that bought our old house and we were so excited that a single mom buying her first house would be the person living there. After closing, Chris headed off to one of the biggest meetings of the year with his job and I waited for the movers to come.My parents were life savers and came later that day to help us get settled. Mimi was on a mission and got us out of all but three boxes in the day and half she was there. Papi, with Ethan's help, put together our table and numerous other things. Ethan is still talking about Papi and the tools. That Saturday, Debbie came to visit and watch Ethan while Chris and I took a break and went on a date. Ethan hardly knew what to do with all the grandparents!So, we're on the road to getting settled into our new home. It's definitely going to be a long process as I have mentally started painting walls and buying new furniture, but we feel very blessed to be where we are as we plan for Baby Boy #2 to come in a few months!

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a BOY!

In the midst of unpacking on Thursday, we had an ultrasound to see how Baby Hoyle was growing. We found out that baby #2 is a BOY and is developing beautifully! He was an active little guy and earned the term "stubborn" by the doctor because he would not cooperate giving the positions the doc needed. I guess he comes by it legitimately... They were finally able to capture a profile shot, and I am pretty sure he's going to be quite cute!

Monday, October 13, 2008

First Wedding

Yes, I should be packing, but I decided I needed a, I am blogging about our weekend. Ethan was in his first wedding. My cousin, Katelyn, got married, and she asked Ethan and Jack to be ring bearers. She was very, very brave. Both boys looked adorable in their tuxes, and they seemed to enjoy wearing them while flirting with the bridesmaids. They both made numerous practice runs down the aisle, and they appeared to have it down to a fine art. BUT we didn't account for the lights being really dim and the church being packed. Ethan got too excited when he saw Papi and he took off running down the aisle towards my dad w/o Jack. Jack got scared and turned back to me and Katie said "I'm scared" and refusing to move. The wedding planners, Katie, me and Katelyn were almost in tears from laughing so hard. I can't wait to see the video...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Meal Swapping

One of my friends had the fabulous idea for us to swap meals every other week. We make one meal, quadruple it, swap, and then we only have to cook once for several days meals. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but it's worked out beautifully. I have loved pulling a meal out of the freezer the night before and throwing it in the oven the next day. That's my kind of cooking!

(this is a picture of us all exchanging our meals one night after a church was pretty funny having us all whip out our coolers in the street!)