Saturday, June 11, 2005

Apple vs. IBM

So, I thought I would join the blog "cool" and post all of my random thoughts on the important issues of life...BUT when I tried to post pictures onto my blog I found out that there is not an Apple compatible program that supports pictures for this type of blog (please prove me wrong...). What fun is a blog w/o pictures? I need more than my awkward writing to entertain visitors. This dilemma led me to contemplate the age old question (well, maybe not "age old"): "Which is better? A PC or a Mac?" I love my beautiful Apple computer. It's white, shiny, modern and the graphic are amazing. Apple's marketing is flawless and their graphic design is wonderful. I love my iTunes, my iPod...iLove Apple. But these small hang-ups occassionally cause me to question my passion for this brand. I am sure next week Apple will have a solution for this problem and it will, more than likely, be packaged in a very cool box. But I want a solution now... I guess it will take a lot more for me to disavow the mega-brand of Apple. What doesn't kill a relationship will only make it stronger, I guess (or something like that). So, until I can get pictures on this thing, I hope you aren't too bored.