Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little behind.

We have had a pretty crazy month, so I am a tad behind on my postings. We had a good 4th of July celebrating with some friends here. Ethan was a little leery of the fireworks at first, but he ended up loving them. Owen slept through them all like a champ. I was rather thankful to have that holiday over because are dear neighbors seemed to like celebrating it every night late all week long. The guys in my house didn't seem to notice, but I did not enjoy being kept up late!

Ethan is getting more chatty than ever. The "stories" and questions he comes up with continually crack me up. He's started drawing robots that are pretty cool looking, and I am hearing "I do it myself" a lot. Owen is getting better and better at maneuvering his large noggin. Tummy-time isn't spent face down anymore, and he's started sitting up by himself (with help from the Boppy). He's continued to be an easy, sweet little guy that smiles with his whole body - makes my heart melt everytime!