Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

 All the pictures from Valentines are pretty terrible...I'm not sure what was going on with my phone, but I'm posting nonetheless. Ethan had a wonderful Valentines party at school - his home room mom never ceases to amaze me at what she pulls off. All his class mates made their own Valentines boxes. Ethan and I had some creative differences on his Angry Bird box, but I think it turned out well any way. :)
Our "home school" group through church also put on a bang up of a party, and Harper and Owen were thrilled to have their own party. They decorated their own boxes, played a few games and ate some yummy food. For someone who doesn't love this holiday, I was thankful that someone else put on some fun parties for my kiddos!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

6 Years Old

 Turning 6 has proved to be an eventful age this past month for Ethan. Of course I have to start out saying I cannot believe he's six. I look at my first baby sometimes and am amazed at how big he's getting. He's passionate, loves to learn and draw, is loyal, dramatic and has a wonderful imagination. I think he must learn through listening because it always amazes me what he can repeat...and it scares me a bit too! One of the funnier things he's said lately after I was trying to praise him for loving on his brother was, "If I hadn't shared my toy, would I have been doing the bidding of Satan?" Yeah, I didn't have a response. He's also a little on the introverted side. The other day after being around a lot of people, he yelled, "I need to be alone!" After about 30 minutes of alone time drawing, he was ready to be social again. I can relate. :)

 We celebrated his birthday at our house with an Angry Bird theme and a Ninja Turtle movie. His girl friends opted to watch a girl movie in a different room though. We had to change the venue of his birthday after several crazy things happened that week, and I loved that Ethan's response was, "I don't care. As long as I can hang out with my friends."
 One of his favorite birthday gifts was a skateboard from our neighbors. His obsession with Ninja Turtles has fueled this interest. Lucky for them, our next door neighbor is a skateboard salesman! It was hilarious watching Ethan and the neighbor boys get lessons from Bob. I think they have a ways to go before we take them to the skate park...

And of course it will be awhile before there is any skating as Ethan broke his leg on the 17th. He was jumping on the trampoline with his dad and brother last Sunday night when he wasn't looking and got bounced. Chris said he hit the tramp yelling "I BROKE MY LEG!!!" There wasn't any swelling, and he seemed to be okay if he was watching tv, so we didn't take it too seriously. As the night went on, though, and he couldn't straighten it out, we started to get worried. After several x-rays at the doctor the next day, they found a small fracture just below his knee on his tibia. What made it even more surreal was the just 2 days prior, his "brother from another mother" down the street broke his tibia falling out of a bar stool. 2 broken tibia in 2 days on one street is insane. Ethan got his cast on the next day, and was so much happier b/c he could move w/o so much pain. His first outing after the cast was to see his "other broken friend" and have everyone sign his cast. It was really sweet and a little surreal! I think Sarah and I didn't know if we should laugh or cry as we talked about how we were going to survive the next month with 2 kids in casts! It's certainly making carpooling interesting... Ethan is managing to get around in his wheel chair pretty well, and we have ordered some crutches for him to try. We have a 3 more weeks of this...should be fun!