Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hillary's Wedding

 My sweet cousin, Hillary, got married this past weekend and it was quite a family affair! Ethan, Jack and Claire were all three in the wedding, and my dad performed the ceremony. I think the rest of us provided lots of entertainment for the wedding party and guests...
 We were a little nervous about how the 3 kids would make it down the aisle because at the rehearsal there was a lot of hesitation. However, come wedding day, they were rock stars and looked like pros.
Ethan was very excited to wear a tux - to say the least. I saw these "GQ" poses multiple times through out the day. I can't imagine where he gets them...
Owen was a little disappointed he didn't get to be a ring bearer too, but Aunt Keela and Hillary still got him a wedding party gift (construction trucks), so all was well with the world. He was most excited about the "dance party", and I have never seen that kid so uninhibited. He was the first and only person on the dance floor for awhile and it did not phase him. He did, however, form a little crush on my cousin Katelyn, and he really wanted to dance with her but never could work up the nerve to ask her. So he stared at her the entire time he was dancing. It was hilarious. 

Harper was only concerned in getting her hands on a cupcake and some champagne. (seriously) She did have fun dancing with Papi, and eating ice out of Mimi's cup. 

It was a beautiful wedding, and we couldn't be happier for Adam and Hillary as they start their life together!

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