Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Lake

This is a little after the fact, but we got to go to Lake of the Ozarks with our buds, The Harris', a few weeks ago. The trip started out with Amy and I questioning our sanity as we decided to go early without the dads and with all six kids. Amazingly, the trip went smoothly and we only a few tears towards the end. That's a success in my book! 

The next day was spent out on the boat, and the kids had a blast. Ethan was able to try out their ski trainer, and he was hooked. (Owen tried it the next day while it was hooked to the jet ski and loved it too.) We all enjoyed swimming, and the night was topped off by eating dinner at a restuarant we boated to. I lost track of how many comments we got about HOW MANY KIDS we had with us! 

It was fun watching our kids hang out and make memories together. I think trying to keep up with Timmy helped give Harper some incentive to walk. She loved following him around and laughing at all his crazy antics. (that kid is hilarious) Of course the big kids had crazy amounts of energy and were either wrestling, singing at the top of their lungs, or running in circles. Thank the Lord for cartoons and wine!

The kids went fishing one of the morning we were there, and Ellie was the first to catch a fish. (much to the guys chagrin) Those poor boys had a hard time focusing on that bobber! Thankfully, they all managed to catch one and have a photo op to prove it.

The trip ended with a visit to after-hours emergency clinic. Ethan had a case of severe swimmer's ear, and he was NOT a happy camper. Luckily it was the last day, and we were able to pack a weekend full of good memories in. Thanks, Harris Clan, for the memories!

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Leslie said...

Sounds like a great trip! You sure do the lake thing right with boating, skiing and fishing!