Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh Summer, where are you going??

 I'm starting to panic as I realize that June is winding down. July is already looking busy, and next thing we's going to be August. August is when my flexible, easy-going life ends. Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but Ethan will be starting school for the first time and this marks the beginning of our family's life being divided up into semesters!! Noooooooo! I am excited for him and for this new stage of life, but it certainly has been nice to not HAVE to be anywhere most days. I'll probably be in mourning the rest of this summer, so be prepared.

  At the beginning of May we added on to our back porch. Owen was in HEAVEN as we had backhos, dump trucks and cement mixers in yard for 3 days. I opened a window for him to look out of, and he talked to the workers as they worked. Of course he had to wear his boots, hard hat and utility belt the entire time.

Once the back porch was completed, we had an impromptu party with a few friends to celebrate. Of course s'mores were the highlight.

We decided to do swim lessons with Miss Donna this year at our friend's, the Harris', pool. Not to anyones surprise, Ethan loved it and Owen hated it. Ethan has been our fish from the beginning and it hasn't changed. He learned to dive and has been enjoying diving for objects in the deep end. We showed him some video of Michael Phelps and he's decided he's going to be an Olympic swimmer now. Owen, however, would rather spend his pool time eating, watching the golfers through the fence, or maybe...just maybe getting in with his floaties on. 

And these are just because I think they're cute. 

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