Saturday, June 02, 2012

14 Months

 Another month has gone by, and Harper has continued to provide us with a lot of laughter. She's becoming quite the ham, and she will do anything for a laugh. She's developed this new laugh herself that I can't quite explain, but it cracks me up. She still isn't walking...she can, but she doesn't choose to. If people will cheer for her she'll walk quite a bit, go figure. Her new favorite thing is to read books ("BAK"), and she's very opinionated on which ones. She pretty obsessed with animals and the sounds they make, so I've had to find all the baby books with animals in them. She can make the sounds for about 5 different animals; the rest of them "baaa" like sheep as far as she's concerned. She still loves her baby, and she really likes to wear things on her wrists that look like bracelets.
For all her girlie-ness, this child knows how to get dirty. She has ruined more clothes than her brothers combined at this age. By the end of each day she looks like Pig Pen. I'm trying to be okay with it, and to be sure to just dress her in dark colors! (the particular picture she was mad at me because I didn't want to hold her after she played in mud.)
Harper's eating has become a small source of stress for me b/c she hardly eats anything and she's so scrawny. One night she and I got to go on a "date" while the guys went to a movie. I ordered myself a crepe and a smoothie thinking she might eat some of it. Apparently she just has more adult tastes as she ate and drank it all. I had fun watching her take such joy from it! You know you're a mom when it's more fun to watch your kid enjoy the food you ordered for yourself than to actually eat it...

And in the quest to find fattening things she'll eat, we discovered that she REALLY, REALLY, REALLY likes ranch dressing. I've never seen her devour something like that before. I keep scrambling to find different foods that can be a ranch-delivering-mechanism, but really she's quite content to just lick it off her plate. I may need to re-think this strategy....

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