Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A few...

 Ethan swinging on our tire swing out back. He's getting harder to capture on camera these days because he's always on the move.

 My serious little construction worker. Owen always has a job to do. Even on family walks, he's declared that his job is to tell Ethan how to be safe. 

Harper got a tea set for her birthday (THANKS, Penturf girls!). I was pretty sure she wouldn't know what to do with it for awhile, but I opened it anyway. She sat down, started stirring things in her cup and offered me some. Pretty sure I had my first tea party! Have I mentioned I love having a girl?!?

Harper checking her favorite dad out at a wedding.

 And Easter pictures...of course we were scrambling to get out the door this day and I didn't get very good pictures of the kids in their Easter clothes. At least no one was in tears...

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