Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Happy Birthday, Papi!

 Two weekends ago we went to OKC to celebrate Papi's 60th birthday. 60...that's big time! Papi was so kind to offer to babysit 6 of the 7 grandkids one of the nights we were there so we could go to a NBA basketball game. Thanks, Papi! :) It was pretty comical seeing 6 grandkids of the years 5 and under all lined up at the countertop eating dinner as we left. I think only 2 of them were crying...

The following night we grilled steaks out and celebrated my dad. It was a beautiful evening, the food was incredible, and it was so fun watching the cousins all play together. It made us so thankful for family, and even more thankful for 60 years with its patriarch! Here's to 60 more!

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Little S said...

What fun! Happy Birthday, Papi! The picture of your sweet parents with all the grandkids needs to be framed!!