Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Let the coutdown begin...

Both boys have had their birthdays, and now it's time to think about Harper Laine Hoyle's birth day. If we are on the same delivery time frame as the boys were, we're looking at her coming around the 15th of this month. That's really soon... It seems like it's taken forever to get to this point, but now the time is flying by!

We had our home visit with our midwife last night. She came to see the house and where we're planning on doing most of the "work". We have all our birth supplies ready to go, and we will be picking up the birth tub this week... My "to do" list is virtually complete, and I all have yet to do is hang pictures on the nursery wall. This coming Monday is our 36 week risk assessment with my regular Doctor, and once he gives the "thumbs up", we're free to move forward with a home birth. It's still a little surreal to me that we're planning on having our baby at home, honestly. My biggest prayer right now is that the Lord will give Dr J discernment and wisdom to see if there any reason for us not to do this at home. But with his blessing (and lots of peace from the Lord), we feel really comfortable with our choice to have a home birth, and I am so incredibly excited to not have to drive to a hospital again in the middle of hard labor. We also adore our midwife, so that helps!

I am really curious to see how much I have progressed when I see Dr J next week. When our midwife palpated the baby last night, she said that Harper was verrrry low (I was not surprised) and probably at station zero. She also found it quite funny that the baby is measuring at about 5 pounds, but the head is measuring at the size of 7 pound baby. Awesome. The Dodson head prevails yet again... I guess it's a blessing that I go early b/c I cannot fathom delivering a big baby with a bigger head!

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kate said...

I cannot believe Harper will be here so very soon!! We are praying for you guys as you prepare for her arrival, and I absolutely can't wait for Reese and Harper to become sweet friends. Love you all!!