Sunday, June 06, 2010

Week #3 of Swim Lessons

We close out week three of swim lessons with somewhat of mixed emotions... Owen seems to have a hit wall. He's still floating well, and he rolls over pretty much on his own. But he still seems to hate every minute of being in the water. I am hoping he starts enjoying it more. He's still not showing any signs of being physically ready to swim, so I think Miss Courtney is going to keep working on the float/roll sequence. I have to keep reminding myself that we're only half way through lessons...

Ethan on the other hand has really turned a corner. This past Thursday it was like he suddenly realized he could do this and it could be fun! You could see it on his face... Friday he had his first lesson where he didn't cry at all, and yesterday we went swimming as a family and all he wanted to do was swim back and forth from me to wall. He kept tell me to scoot further way from the wall! It is so amazing seeing a newly formed confidence form in your kid. Miss Courtney said that this coming week she's going to work with Ethan on perfecting his float/roll/swim/float sequence. He's got the individual pieces of it down, and now it will be putting them together so he can do them all seamlessly without prompting.

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