Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week 1 Swimming Lesson - Complete

Well, we have our first week under our swimming belts, and things have gotten a lot better. There are still a few tears upon entering the water, but overall the boys seem to be getting used to it. Wednesday was a turning point, and I think a lot of it had to do with having a new audience...the boy's "Pa D" and his friend, Jane, came to watch. Once there were new eyes (and a camera) on Ethan, he was a different kid. The tears stopped, and his inner exhibitionist came out! I tried to talk them into coming every day...but something about an hour drive didn't sound too appealing.

Ethan can now start out on his back, and with a little help from Miss Courtney, turn over and swim a short distance to grab the bar. For some reason he's had a little hard time realizing he needs to grab the bar b/c he'll swim right up to and then stop. (The video I took of him on Friday was too big to upload, so one from Thursday minus the "flipping over" is what I am posting.) He's always trying to negotiate with her - it cracks me up.

Owen is learning to float on his back still. He's stubbornly wanted to roll over to his right side, so Miss Courtney has been working at just lightly touching his left side so he'll roll towards her touch. Owen can pretty much float on his own with a pinkie finger on the left side of his back. Obviously, there is still more work to be done getting him more used to floating, but I see no screaming bloody murder during it as progress!

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Leslie said...

Thanks for posting! That's amazing!!