Saturday, January 24, 2009


I can't believe my little guy is TWO years old! It's truly amazing how much Ethan has grown and changed in just two short years. We've been watching some old video of him as an infant...then learning to walk, crawl, eat, talk, and develop his own little personality. I have loved watching him become passionate about balls, goals, drawing, and guitars. He seems to thrive being around other people (and of course performing for them). And his sensitive spirit to others makes me smile and worry all at the same time - I am not going to handle him getting his feelings hurt very well! My favorite things that he's doing right now are his random out bursts in dance and singing, his unexpected hugs, and his sweet voice saying "HOLDEE (hold me), MOMMA!". The thought of loving another little guy as much as I do him boggles my mind. I know it will happen, but I sure am nuts about my first born!

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Leslie said...

He looks so grown up in that picture! He is adorable.