Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Big Help.

For those of you who know how not prepared we were when Ethan made his early arrival two years ago, you'll be super impressed with how prepared we are this time around. We've gotten all of Ethan's baby clothes washed, sorted and either hung up or folded. The crib is ready...nursery done (other than finishing the glider)...diapers purchased... Now all we need is a baby. Of course Owen will probably go past his due date.

Anyway, Ethan has been a big help getting everything ready. He's loved going through all his old hats and shoes and trying them on. He played in a tub of baby socks for 15 minutes straight. And his old Halloween costume provided a lot of entertainment too. The only problem is when I try to explain why we're putting all of the things in Owen's room, he melts down with a string of "mine"s. Lovely. It's going to be quite an adjustment for us all with a new little person around!

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