Monday, May 07, 2012

Silver Dollar City

We went to SDC this past weekend as a family, and while I was a little nervous about how Harper would do, it ended up being a great trip!

 We got there about 10 and headed straight to the kid rides. Sadly, Owen was a HALF an inch too short to ride most of the rides, but he had a great attitude and still managed to ride a few. Of course Ethan had a blast and would have gone on every ride if we'd let him. I think next year will be a whole different ball game when both boys will (hopefully) be tall enough.
Harper found a slice of her heaven in the ball house. She sat on the floor watching the big kids forever, and then finally got comfortable crawling all over chasing the balls. She did get run into by a big kid at one point, and I took her out to make sure she was okay. I'm pretty sure she was more mad that I took her outside than her getting stomped on.
After lunch the kids found a "creek" to play in, and I think they would have stayed the rest of the day there. Chris made the comment, "We sure drove a long way for them to play in something my dad has in his back yard!"
We left right before they had to shut the park down for lightening, and I think it was fabulous timing all around. The kids didn't melt down one, and it ended up being one fun memory!


Kari said...

Sweet pic of Harper at the end! Looks like fun. I'm looking forward to my girls being old enough to enjoy rides too!

Leslie said...

How fun to be able to do this so easily. Looks like fun! We need to plan a trip to SDC next lake trip!