Sunday, May 13, 2012

13 Months

I never thought I could get so excited about pig tails...but I was giddy. Ethan kept looking at me like I was crazy. But come on, how cute are they?! Of course they didn't last long, and I've only managed to get Harper to hold still one other time to get them back in her hair, but at least I know it's possible.

This past month has had other fun things occur in Harper Laine's life. She's all over the place crawling and climbing up on stuff. I finally had to put the gates on the stairs up after having Harper disappear and then hear her from upstairs. (she's fast!) She hasn't started walking on her own yet, but she enjoys pushing her stroller and walking behind it. The way she greets people is by punching them in the face. Yeah, we're trying to work on it. The bad thing is that it's hilarious when she punches her brothers; it's just not so funny when it's me. Her facial expressions communicate really well these days too...I swear I saw an eye roll yesterday.

Her brothers still have the ability to crack her up, and I truly thinks it's the sweetest sound ever!


Amy said...

She's so cute!! And your play room looks great. And Owen's outfit cracks me up.

Leslie said...

That often Owen has on is spectacular! Love little baby laughs. I can't believe how grown up she is.

Little S said...

Cute pig tails! One of my favorite things about having a girl is doing her hair. :)