Friday, March 26, 2010

Lions, Tigers and Cows

We went to the Gentry petting zoo/farm/safari last week with our friends the Crawfords and the Erbs. It was hard to tell if the kids were more excited about seeing the animals or just being outside on a beautiful day. (this was the day before the big blizzard hit...crazy Arkansas weather)

There were a ton of animals for the kids to feed, and the whole day went surprisingly smooth considering we have 7 little ones and a ton of wild animals. Addie did have her bow ripped from her hair by a monkey, but that was about the extent of excitement. (lucky for that monkey he was in a cage - Addie was MAD!) Ethan's favorite animal was the baby porcupine, and he enjoyed riding the camel. Owen was very excited to "moo" at the cows, and he also felt the need to tell EVERY animal we saw "bye bye". Poor Owen could hardly stand being in the stroller and watching all the big kids run around - hence the "stink face" in the above picture. Us moms realized that if we ever recover and decide to do this trip again, we need to brush up on our types of animals...the kids would ask us what they were feeding and we'd all look at each other and then pull our phones out to look it up. Yes, we're city folk!


Little S said...

You'll have to go again so we can join you! Love that picture of Owen!!

Kesolyn said...

hahah!! Loving the shout out. So cute to see your pictures, I still have yet to unload all of mine!! We definitely need to brush up and do it again ;)