Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ethan Turns SEVEN

Seven sounds older. Six didn't seem like much of a change, but for some reason having Ethan turn seven seems like a bigger deal. Maybe because it's getting closer to 10?!! 
We were able to celebrate Ethan several times over the month of January. He woke up the morning of his birthday to balloons and gifts from his brother and sister. (Skylander games & figures were the hot item) Later that day we took cupcakes up to his school and celebrated with his whole class. From what Ethan's teacher said, he was loving being the birthday boy. :) 
That weekend Ethan requested a Super Hero/Ninja/Justice League birthday party. (Honestly the theme changed about 5 times that week...his poor friends weren't sure if they were supposed to dress up or not!) They all watched a few episodes of the Justice League, ate pizza and swapped gifts. 
To top off the birthday celebrations, Mimi and Papi came and picked Ethan up and took him back to OK for the weekend. He thoroughly enjoyed having their undivided attention, eating whatever he wanted, and then going to an OSU/OU wrestling match that Sunday. He still talks about drinking a WHOLE coke and eating cotton candy at the match. He was in heaven!

I'm so thankful to be Ethan's mom and to be able to watch him to continue to grow and evolve. He's still incredibly loyal, sensitive, passionate, a climber, an observer, a great hugger, a protective big brother, and my first baby boy. Happy birthday, buddy!

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