Sunday, December 01, 2013

Wrapping Up November...

My father in law pointed out to me that I had only one entry for November...I'd done so well in October. Where did time go?!? November was busy. Chris planned a men's retreat for the church, he traveled to Chicago and Seattle, I worked a Boutique Show, we had two "small" groups at our house that consisted of around 40 people, we started wrestling in full swing, we went to Silver Dollar City, and then wrapped up the month with Thanksgiving in Mulberry....
 We also managed to make it "down south" to see our friends, the Crawfords. Once every couple weeks is not enough seeing them! The kids and I also did our first ever Zumba class at the YMCA with a few of our other's was comical to say the very least. Ethan was all about it until we walked into the studio room; he hid behind the weights the entire class. I kinda wanted to do the same!

Mimi made all the grandkids robes just because, and she pretty much made my kid's month. They've worn them non-stop. Owen wanted red for OU, and Ethan wanted an orange one for OSU. Bedlam is going to be fun this year!

I couldn't help but post this picture...such a sweet face!

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