Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snows Days

 In case you hadn't heard, NWA was hit a massive blizzard that shut schools down and kept most people stuck indoors for almost a week. (And when I say "blizzard" I really mean 6" of snow...) The first two days of the snow we loved being warm and cozy in our house, letting the kids take 30 minutes to bundle up only to spend about 10 minutes outside, and eating lots of cookies and home-baked goodness.
By the third day cabin fever started in... Luckily we were able to get out and go for donuts and hit Wal-Mart for a few necessities. It's sad when those to things are huge for moral! By the fourth day we were all done. Ethan kept asking when it was going to be "swimming weather" and Harper flipped out every time she saw gloves and a coat. I think Chris and I were hitting our heads against walls... How do you Northerners do it all the time!?! 

Thankfully our buds, the Harrises, made the trek to our house and we spent the afternoon sledding and enjoying looking at new faces. By the time they left, we felt like new people again! Mr Jim Jim's delicious Sidecars might have helped that too... 

Life is slowly returning to normal. The city's plan of "lets just let the ice melt" is finally coming to fruition, and we even saw a road grader scraping ice off our street yesterday (8 days after the initial snow). The snow was fun for a bit, but this Southerner is already ready for spring! 

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Leslie said...

Haha. Looks like a blast. I hope we get some later this winter. In the northern land, salt trucks and snow plows would have been out the next day, even during the storm, and school would have been back in session after one day. Snow doesn't paralyze the city like it does in the south. It was such a pain in Philly to get everyone bundled and into the car, climbing over mountains of snow, and starting the car 20 minutes before leaving because life doesn't stop for a little snow. Or, I would use my southern roots as an excuse to stay put unless the stir craziness was setting in.