Tuesday, August 13, 2013


2013 is proving to be an interesting year of health for my first born. He opened the year with a broke leg. He had the usual illnesses in the spring, and this summer had a pretty bad double ear infection, a concussion, and the latest ER trip was to get stitches...
The boys were playing in their room building a fort when I heard a blood curdling scream. I ran into the room to see blood gushing out of Ethan's head. I had to keep telling myself that head wounds bleed the worst... We finally got it to stop bleeding and sent pictures to our ER nurse friends to see if they thought Ethan needed stitches. We ended up going to their house to see what they thought, and they promptly sent us to the ER. Again. Thankfully our ER nurse friend was actually working that night, so she hooked us up with the best doctor to do stitches. They numbed Ethan's head really well, turned on the tv and he did not care what they did to him after that. Four stitches later, and we were free to leave.

I asked Ethan to pose for a picture and this sad, sad face is what he gave me. I then asked for a picture of how he really felt...
...and this is what I got. He said he was pretty tough. Pretty tough indeed, buddy! Pretty tough indeed!

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