Tuesday, April 09, 2013

St Louis

 We took a trip with the Dodson side of the family to visit the STL Dodsons over spring break, and I think I can safely say we all had a blast! No matter what we were doing, the kids loved just being together, and the adults seemed to feel the same way too. The times where we are ALL together are way too far apart, so it's always special to get time together. Half of us stayed at a hotel there, and it was pretty comical hearing the comments as 7 kids would come down in the morning for breakfast. We started counting how many comments we received each morning, but we always lost track... I'm pretty sure I heard the word "day care" a few times too!
One of the nights there we celebrated Micah, Harper, Caylee and Papi's birthdays. The food was wonderful and I think all the birthday people felt loved on.
We hit City Museum while we were there, and it was a huge hit with the kids. There really are no words to describe the place...it's a big play ground...a kid's heaven... It was really fun seeing all the different personalities come out as we explored the place. Harper had absolutely no fear, and so Micah enjoyed letting her be the leader. Claire always had a plan of where she was going, and Lily was just happy to hang out. Ethan still wasn't walking (his cast had come off 2 days prior), but he was able to get around pretty well crawling all over the place. And with the help of his uncles and dad carrying him around. At one point Chris said, "Ethan, if you'd walk we wouldn't have to carry you everywhere." To which Ethan responded, "If you hadn't broken my leg, I wouldn't have to crawl." Touche.

The kids also loved swimming together. I think the dads did too.

All in all it was a great trip. I'm so thankful for family that loves each other! Time to plan another trip....

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