Saturday, September 01, 2012

St Louis 2012

 My niece was baptized this past weekend, so we decided to go to St Louis and make a mini vacation out of the event. We hadn't been to see Josh and Caylee since Caylee and I were all just pregnant with Harper and Mica, so it was about high time!
 Caylee and Mica met us at the zoo on Friday morning, and it was about the highlight of my trip seeing those adorable pig-tailed girls check each other out. Their personalities were fun to watch...Mica a little more serious seemed to have a mission in mind, and Harper was happy to follow and jabber along the way.
The St Louis zoo is amazing, and the kids had a blast checking out all the animals. The monkeys were a huge hit, but I think the highlight was the sea lion show.
That night we ate dinner with Josh, Caylee and Mica. The boys ADORED their dog, Oliver. Ethan has been asking when Oliver can come visit. Mica and Harper played well together passing Harper's "baby" back and forth and running all over the house. 
Saturday morning we walked from our hotel to The City Museum. There are no words to describe this place. People tried to explain it to us, but it wasn't until we walked inside that we fully understood how amazing it was. The kids were heaven. It's a 10 story building that has the entire inside turned into a giant maze/jungle gym. We could have spent an entire day there, but we decided we'd have to get a group of the kid's friends and come back for a weekend.

Sunday morning we had a amazing opportunity to go to City Church and watch Mica be welcomed into the covenant community. Their church was such a beautiful mixture of people from all over the world and walks of life. It was a true blessing...

Thanks to the St Louis Dodsons for a wonderful weekend. We love you!

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