Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A new pet, a hurt nose, and homeschooling

 None of these pictures really go together, but they kind of do in a way. Harper is turning into my daredevil child. She's climbing on everything and getting into everything. She was out back playing with her brothers and tried to climb a mini-rock wall on our jungle gym. She slipped and her nose took the brunt of the fall. Luckily she's a tough cookie.
 The climbing has coincided with the start of our homeschooling year, and it's making things interesting. She really, really wants to be a part of her big brother's work, and will do about anything to be really close. I turn my back for a minute and she's on the table with a sharp pencil ready to draw. If she's not on the kitchen table, she's on his desk...or on the counter top.  I am starting to wonder if a play pen is a good idea.
And this leads us to our new pet, Hazel the Kitty. What better way to entertain my almost-18 month old than to give her a new kitten to play with, right?! That wasn't the initial intent, but it has been working out well. Harper loves Hazel, and thankfully Hazel is very patient as Harper carries her in a headlock everywhere she goes. I'm praying the "new" doesn't wear off anytime soon...otherwise, we will be looking into a play pen...

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