Friday, March 16, 2012

Grandma, Birthdays & Radiohead

 This past weekend, Chris and I took our first trip away since Harper was born, and it was heavenly! Grandma Debbie came into town to watch the kids, and they LOVED getting time with her. She even brought a birthday celebration with her - complete with cupcakes, candles and gifts for the kids. Owen couldn't have been happier to get another battery for his tractor (how many 3 year olds get excited about a battery?!?), Ethan hasn't wanted to put his LeapPad down since he got it, and I have a feeling Harper is going to love pushing her stroller around once she figures out how to walk. Thanks, Grandma, for the great gifts!
 Harper got to experience her first cupcake (I think), and you can tell by the pictures she was LOVING it. She really must love Grandma since she was willing to share with her...
Chris and I drove to Kansas City to watch one of our favorite bands, Radiohead play. Honestly, the silent car ride was almost as exciting as seeing Thom Yorke on stage. You know you're a parent when that's the case... We thoroughly enjoyed carrying on full, complete conversations, walking around downtown KC w/o strollers or frequent potty breaks, sleeping in, a leisurely breakfast made by someone else, and of course the music was phenomenal.

Thanks Grandma for loving on our kiddos and allowing us to get some much needed time away.

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Leslie said...

So fun! Weekends away are so fun and much needed!