Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Weekend '10

We went to Stillwater last weekend for OSU's first home game, and to see family from my dad's side of the family. There were 8 kids under the age of 4 there, several of my cousins, and both of my brother's and their families. Needless to say, it was a packed (and FUN) house! We spent a lot of time in parents back yard watching the kiddos run around, eating, and catching up with the New Mexico Dodsons. Josh and Caylee surprised us with news that they're expecting their first baby about 2 weeks before our baby comes! It's hard to believe that my parents will have 7 grandkids in 2011. My dad is already talking about adding on to their house!

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Little S said...

Your parents look SO happy surrounded by their grandkids!! Congrats to Josh and Caylee!