Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There isn't much "grey" in Ethan's world when it comes to liking something. If he likes it, he REALLY, REALLY likes it. The past few weeks he's started really liking Spiderman. (Chris has shown him some of the classic Spiderman cartoons on YouTube.) It worked out well using this new found love during potty training...he was thrilled to see that Spiderman was on his big boy underwear. And he was even more thrilled to have his underwear double as a mask so that he could be Spiderman. He's been riding around the house on his bike singing the Spiderman song the past week... And poor Owen has even joined in, maybe not as willingly. When I came to pick Owen up, he mysteriously had this sticker on his forehead. He didn't seemed too concerned, though.

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