Monday, August 24, 2009

6 Months Old

I cannot believe that Owen is 6 months old now. It's truly been a blur... I absolutely love the age that he's at now as he's interacting with us more and learning new things like crazy. He's figured out how to get around by rolling and scooting, so our days of putting him in one place and him staying there are over. The other day he "chased" me across a blanket at the park by rolling, and every time he got to me he had pride written all over his face. His big brother can still make him laugh like no one else can, and his whole body seems to smile when people talk to him. He can sit up pretty well on his own, but his head generally throws him off balance after too long. He's sleeping better for naps now that he's out of the bouncy seat...come to find out (according to "The Baby Whisperer") that he's a "spirited" type personality that does not like to be restrained/contained. Once he was able to move, he was able to fall asleep a whole lot faster. Poor kid, he was trying to tell me that... He also HATES being in a baby carrier facing me. I tried to wear him while shopping the other day and the entire time he yelled and pushed off my chest arching his back. I kept getting looks from other people like I was abusing my baby. Once he faced out, though, all was well.

We've attempting introducing "solids" a few times now, but he's not a huge fan. He gives me this look like "What are you doing to me??". He does, however, love to play with his sippy cup at dinner time. If he ever gets any water out, he gets really surprised. And he seems to want to put everything in his it looks like I'll get to pay my dues with this kid as he eats dirt, sticks and everything else. Oh, the good times we have ahead!


Little S said...

I love the expression on his face after you gave him food. That's too funny!!

Leslie said...

I love the picture in the bouncy seat! He has grown up so fast!! I have been meaning to ask you about solids and keep forgeting... so, thanks for the update :).

Amy said...

What a cutie. Great post!