Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nostalgic for Summer Pt 4 (this is the last one, promise)

I know, it's December. Time to stop talking about Summer 2014. After this I'm done, but there were just too many good memories not to get on here. Like going to Lake of the Ozarks for our 5th (?) year with our buddies the Harrises. Several other of our other buddies joined throughout the weekend, and it made for so much fun in the sun. One of my favorite memories was all of us adults tracking the storms that moved in and out that weekend on our phones. We spent one perfect, sunny morning on the lake managing to dodge the rain. As we pulled into the docks it started to pour. Hard. All of us (really fun) moms decided that shouldn't stop us from swimming, so we all jumped in and swam in the rain. Such fun memories!!

 Another fun memory was swimming with our friends the Taylors at their pool as the sun set. The boys had a blast jumping off the life guard stands!

 Of course we spent a lot of time at the pool we join, and we even were able to swim with some friends from "the past", the Lutzs, as they were in town!

Harper learned to dive in the Harrises pool. It was our last time to swim there before they moved, so it seemed fitting.

 An non-water related, we got to go to Chris' cousin's wedding, and the Hoyles all had fun cutting a rug at the reception!

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