Sunday, November 09, 2014

Nostalgic for Summer Pt 1

As the first "arctic blast" is about to hit us, I have really started missing summer life... Since I did a horrible job of keeping up with the things we did this summer, I decided I should take a look back to Summer 2014. It may or may not be healthy for my mental state as we move into winter! Regardless, here's to summer and lots of pictures documenting what we did...

We never made it to an actual camp ground, but Chris and the kids camped out in our backyard. It was pretty perfect as I got to hang out with them and then walk inside to my own bed!

We attempted a community garden in our back yard. The first part of the summer was fun as we had radishes coming out of our ears, but as the summer when on it got a little out of control and we let it go. We're hoping maybe next summer will go better?!

 We made a trip to OK to see my NM cousins, and we had a blast spending time with the kids and also getting an adult's night out on the town.

 Summer was also the time of light pole climbing. Strange, yes. Ethan discovered that he could make it to the top (while I sat and watched with sweating palms). Of course Chris decided he should try as well.

Our downtown square was always a source of fun over the summer. This particular summer they had a whole "city" built out of boxes for the kids to build up and then defend from evil doers.

 Mimi and Grandma came to visit, and as always we loved having them both around.

This was the summer that Ethan realized reading could be fun. He stayed up late many of nights reading in his bed. I loved it.

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