Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Sunshine Gala

We had the opportunity to attend The Sunshine Gala to support a local school that helps children with disabilities. It's a fantastic organization that has provided so much help for our community. It was a "cowboy chic" themed night filled with auctions, dancing, and a live band. 
After dinner they had the live-auction portion of the benefit, and a trip to Florida came up. The starting price was reasonable considering that you got $1,000 worth of spending cash to go along with it. After it quickly going up to $5,000, Chris decided to jump in and see what happened. As soon as he placed his bid all the other bids stopped. Crickets. The auctioneer started saying, "Going once...going twice..."
...And then someone else raised their hand. Chris was off the hook but it took about 5 minutes of the auctioneer trying to get Chris to raise his price with everyone's eyes on us. We had our whole table telling him to go a little higher, a lady behind us telling Chris this was the most excitement she'd had in awhile, and Chris was sweating bullets. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Chris' face was priceless... The other person ended up winning the trip, but we enjoyed the laughs. The auctioneer came up to Chris afterwards and apologized for all the pressure he put him on him. It was pretty priceless.

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