Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

 Grandma Debbie turned 29 again, and we went to OKC to celebrate with her! The kids were thrilled to stay at her house, drink her "peach water" and play on her back porch.
 Harper and I went shopping with Grandma on Saturday afternoon, and Harper was in heaven. She skipped her nap to go, and I've never seen her more wired. She bounced her way across the mall, charmed sales workers everywhere we went, and argued with Grandma over which pair of shoes she thought Grandma should buy her! The only time I wondered if we should have brought her along was when we were in Anthropologie and we turned our backs for a minute only to turn around and see Harper carrying a cookie jar that was as big as her. A porcelain cook jar that cost $130. Praise the Lord she had a good grip on it!
One of the highlights of the trip was a lunch at Ted's Mexican restaurant. I've never seen my kids eat so much. Harper and Ethan both gave up using chips to eat the queso and opted for spooning it out.

It was a great weekend celebrating Grandma Debbie! We're looking forward to many more birthday celebrations with her!


Amy said...

Cute- you're doing a great job blogging :)

Kari said...

Ted's!!!!! Yummy!