Friday, October 26, 2012

Breaking in the new house...

 We broke in Mimi and Papi's new house a few weeks ago, and the kids didn't seem to miss a beat staying in the new place. Ethan was concerned about all the same toys being there, Owen just needed a place outside to play, and Harper needed a shopping cart to push...I think needs were taken care of on all accounts. Of course having their cousins there helped too. We're looking forward to putting LOTS more memories into that place!
While we were there, I was able to sneak my favorite goddaughter away for some ice cream. Lily was a little shy on the ride there, but after eating some birthday cake ice cream and putting on some lip gloss on afterwards, she was all sorts of chatty. I think she's pretty used to her big sister there to help answer all her questions, because she wasn't sure what her favorite color or toy was. It looks like we'll have to have several more dates so she can figure it all out!

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