Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Weekend '09

We were in Oklahoma last weekend for Labor Day. It was a packed weekend full of family and friends. Jack and Ethan seemed to enjoy hanging out with each other...for the most part. It seems like it takes a little bit for them to get used to having each other around, but usually by the end of their time together they're best buds. There was lots of football watching, tons of wrestling (even with Mimi), they got to see Pistol Pete and the OSU football team, and eat tons of Mimi's good cooking. Ethan slept quite well when we got home.
We got to meet two of my cousin's kids for the first time too. Joshua was a little mini-version of his dad, and Dylan was adorable (sorry I didn't get a pic of him). Owen and Claire seemed to have a good time as well, but they tended to observe the chaos more than anything. Give them a year and they'll be creating chaos of their own.

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